My Writing

I did not write with much interest or enthusiasm until my mid-20s, when I was working for IBM in Saigon. I tell that story in the biography that can be found here. Since retiring I have written extensively.


First my Substack Blog. I post most of what I write on Substack. For my own reference as much as anything else I maintain this index of my blog posts which I update every couple of months.


I experimented with several blog formats before moving to Substack, chief among them LiveJournal, Facebook and period emails to a mailing list of friends and acquaintances. In spring of 2023 I collected that material and posted it on Substack. Here are links to my previous blogs

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Archives prior to Substack. What did I know and when did I know it?  

Emails prior to Substack: Jan thru August 2021 

Emails prior to Substack: April through December 2020 

Emails prior to Substack: 2019 thru April 2020 

Aphorisms I have collected and coined 



Links to earlier work


University of Maryland work


American Renaissance


Early articles about Kyiv

Unz Review Interview

vDare Articles